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Australian 457 visa abusers will be named and shamed threatens IT Group

Hale stated that members did not want to become whistleblowers, but indicated that three reports of 457 visa abuses ‘looked credible’. He commented that the IPTA would investigate these instances of alleged abuse. He said: “We will approach the employers and if they don’t fix it we will publish some actual instances.” Mr Hale claims that monitoring of how the 457 visa scheme is used, or abused, by companies is non-existent. He said: “Companies have to specify that a job role has been advertised and they were unsuccessful in finding someone. However, there’s certainly no monitoring procedure in place to verify a company’s claims.” In December 2016, the Sydney Morning Herald disclosed that the New South Wales (NSW) government had outsourced a number of job roles to multinational organisations, which had recruited 32 foreign workers on 457 visas, prompting the IPTA to speak out. In February of this year, the Sydney Morning Herald ran a follow up story accusing the government of making 200 workers redundant and said that it was ‘solely down to its contractors to establish whether job vacancies could be filled by the Australian workforce. Without any hard evidence to back up its claims concerning the 457 visa scheme, the IPTA took to sourcing data from the federal government’s website. According to the IPTA, allocation numbers in relation to 457 visas are disproportionate. While the number of visas issued in the last 10 years, with the exception of IT, has increased by just 2 percent, there has been a 136 percent rise in the number of 457 visas issued to IT workers. Examining the data more closely, breaking the numbers down to entry level occupations – including systems administration and IT support – the IPTA discovered the growth rate for approved 457 visas surged by 480 percent between 2005 and 2016.

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