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JobCentre Plus The Public Accounts Committee said those penalised for missing job centre appointments or other failings often faced an "appalling situation". It urged the Department for Work and Pensions to monitor variations closely. The DWP said policies were "under constant review" to ensure fairness. It added that recent figures showed the number of jobseeker's allowance recipients facing sanctions had fallen by more than half in the past year. Meanwhile, less than 1% of those receiving employment and support allowance had been penalised. 'Vulnerable people' More than a million unemployed benefits claimants have to meet certain conditions, such as showing they are looking for work, to receive their payments. An estimated 400,000 sanctions were imposed in 2015. The committee said penalties had increased in severity and could have "serious consequences" such as homelessness. It found the system encouraged some people into jobs but the DWP could not be confident about what sanctions worked best because its data was poor. The committee's report said: "There is an unacceptable amount ชุด ยาว ไป งาน แต่ง of unexplained variation in the department's use of sanctions, so claimants are being treated differently depending on where they live. "It [the DWP] does not know whether vulnerable people are protected as they are meant to be.

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